3M Medical Tapes

A medical reference app for healthcare professionals, clinicians and nurses to learn which Medical Tape is appropriate to use in which clinical situation. Includes mobile ordering direct from Shop3M.

3M Pressure Ulcers

Enhance Your Practice

A medical reference app for healthcare professionals, clinicians, WOCN professionals, and nurses to learn more about Pressure Ulcer staging and typical symptoms. Includes mobile ordering direct from Shop3M.

Learn Which Tape is Right
The Medical Tapes app teaches you the right medical tape for the condition or need.

Choose Your Pressure Ulcer
The Pressure Ulcer app shows you in detail your pressure ulcer by stage and which 3M products might help heal.

Even More for  Health Care Professionals
Enhance your practice today - great for medical students, health care professionals on the go, and caregivers. Go to iTunes today and download your free 3M Health Care apps.



Guided Tour

Medical Tapes app 

Search by Product name or by "Tape Selector".

Medical Tapes app

Select by Application
Search and select based on the application or condition you are trying to heal or manage.

Pressure Ulcer app

Type of Pressure Ulcer
Pick the type of pressure ulcer based on staging, and learn more.

Pressure Ulcer app

Product Details
If you are a patient or caregiver, or a health care professional in need of specific products, you can order directly from Shop3M.com

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For more than a century, people worldwide have looked to 3M for new products and ideas that solve everyday problems and make their lives easier and better. For decades, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories have trusted 3M as a dedicated partner supplying essential products designed to meet the unique needs of health professionals, thereby contributing to the advancement of better health practices, outcomes and quality of care.

Today, 3M Health Care is proud to introduce mobile applications that help health care professionals learn, grow their practice and enhance the standard of care in our industry. 

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